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    • micheleschramm
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    • Strokefocus-test-group
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      This is a group created to perform testing of the Discovery system under development for local support groups.If you are not part of the Discovery project, please do not join this group. Thank you!
    • Peace of Mind Brain Injury Support Group
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      This is a support group for people recovering from the stroke and brain injuries from the Cumming area. We meet every secondThursdayof every month at Northside Hospital Forsyth - Bennett Education...
    • The Backstrokes Community Music Group For Stroke Survivors
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      If you're a stroke survivor, you and your spouse, partner or caregiver are invited to join us for an hour of playing instruments and singing. Join our music teacher co-facilitators for an hour of...
    • Hand in Hand Show Discussion Group
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       This is a group for Hand in Hand Show Discussion.
    • Unlimited Possibilities
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      This is a group for Unlimited Possibilities.
    • Peer Support and Technology
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      I think having a peer support group for brain injury survivors would be a good thing.
    • Joyce's Blog Club
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      This is a club for Joyce to share her blogging experience with fellow members. We will talk about how to write blogs. What topics? How to structure blogs? How to share blogs.
    • Webinars and Presentations
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      This is a group for people who are interested in presentations by researchers from leading medical schools including University of Southern California.