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Kati’s stroke focus (11) - Computer


One of the best things at the rehab was; the introduction to a computer, which I could use even though, I am not able to move my hands or fingers.


The computer has a software called: ‘Dragger’, which is to move the mouse and another one, called: ‘Grid’, which has, the on-screen keyboard so I can write. To use the Dragger; an infrared camera is placed above the monitor, and a metallic reflecting sticker is put on my forehead. The camera sends out the infrared light and picks up the reflection and thus the mouse moves.

I have always been a person of action and never put much attention to computers (sitting at a computer was not for me). I only took the basic lessons but never cared much about the rest. In other words, I did not have much of an idea about what to do.

The IT person gave a few hours of lessons on how to move the mouse, right click, left click, double click, copy and paste. I would have to figure out the rest.

The doctor came by to see how it was going, if I could work with the computer if I could use it to communicate, but most importantly if could think coherently. Therefore, he asked me to write something for him on the computer. I wrote; “SHIT HAPPENS.”

A few months after I came back home I finally got a computer. I could do something by myself again.

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