Kati’s stroke focus (7) - Rehab

Six months of rehab, a lot of progress. However, I still was not even a fade shadow of what I used to be.

I checked in as 100% paralyzed, now they rate me as 95% paralyzed (what does that even mean?)


It has been seven months since the stroke and the doctor telling me that I would never be able to move again. In all this time, it did not really sink in; I still had hope and faith. I still believed that therapy could help and that in some way, somehow, I would be my old self again.

That changed when the therapists came to my room to tell me that; there was nothing else that they can do for me and that I will be dismissed from the rehab center.

I just turned twenty-one, and my life was over.

My parents and I had a sit down with doctors, therapists and representatives of the social services. They explained the situation and gave advice on how to proceed.

Besides not being able to move, I am of perfect health, no medicines or treatments would be needed. Therapy few times a week to keep the body in shape not much more.

“Taking care of someone in my condition is a twenty-four hour job”. “It would be too hard to anyone.” “Changes would have to be made to your home.” “It would have to be adapted to fit a wheelchair user, and that would be the easy part.” “Your whole lifestyle would have to be adjusted or from that moment on your lives will revolve around Kati and her needs” “Our recommendation is to put Kati in an institute.”

Without missing a beat, my parents said; “No, we are taking her home with us.”

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