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Kati’s stroke focus (5) - Speech Therapy


The first therapist to come along though was the speech therapist. Communication is going to be essential in rehabilitation, so it got the number one priority.


The speech therapist brought a bit different board with letters on it. It was bigger, and the letters were placed in a way, which made it easier to use.

The physical therapists found out that I could stretch my legs, lift my shoulders, and move my neck and my jaw a little.

While practicing with stretching my legs, they noticed that I could make short kick like movements, so we started working on that. They would take me in a pool, there I could tiptoe forward, and I could swim in a way.

We also worked on the shoulder movement although it did not lead to any meaningful action but it still can be useful for when my elbow slips of the wheelchair armrest. I can lift it back up and regain my body’s position.

We started working on the movements in my neck, and as we trained them, I began to be able to control my neck really well. The first thought was that I could drive an electric wheelchair with the use of my neck movements.  The control would be placed near chin what I would control then with my chin. In addition, off I could go. Left, right, forward, stop.

It seemed like a good idea in theory. However, when it came to practice, it was a different story. The control over the wheelchair was not as smooth as it should be. Especially when, it came to stopping. After I almost went right to the road where cars were passing by, we decided that this would not work out.

The neck movements still came in to be very useful. Because of being able to move my neck, I could use a computer, and on a computer, I could connect with the world without the need of an assistant; I can be myself. On the computer and the internet, I can be Kati, and that certainly made a difference.

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