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A month in the hospital, still no answers. The doctors could not figure out or give an explanation on why this has happened to me.


My mother believes that for twenty years I have been living on borrowed time. There was some complication on the day of my birth. Mom went to hospital for check-up because I was already overtime there. Doctors sent her home but mom said no way. Following night, they woke mom up and said that they have to operate immediately because my heartbeat was weak. The umbilical cord was around my neck choking me, and I probably would not have survived if mom had had gone home. Just like during the stroke doctors do not always know what they are saying.

It is time to go to rehab.

Nurses and doctors were standing in the hallway to say goodbye and wish me all the best. I could not move, I could not talk, I could not hold back my emotions either that with a loud howl poured down like a waterfall of tears.

A two-and-a-half-hour ride in an invalid taxi to where I would get better. I was full of hope and faith and so were my parents. We still did not realize the severity of the situation; in our hearts, we still believed that it would all pass and that everything would return to normal.

On arrival at the rehab center, I was greeted with a warm reception. My situation was so unique that I had two physical therapists assigned to me.

The physical therapists had a huge challenge before them. Usually, it is a matter of muscles, and they know beforehand what body parts they will be working on. However, in my case, the muscles are working. They will have to figure out which muscles I still can move, how to help me move them and how to make it in some way a useful movement.

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