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Kati’s stroke focus (1) - Locked in Syndrome, my stroke aftermath, episode 1

Looking back, it started with headaches and dizzy spells.

Like three to four months before having the stroke, I started having headaches all the time. A month before the stroke I began to have dizzy spells from time to time. As this got worse, I went to the doctor. He ran some tests, but none of them showed anything wrong. The doctor said the tests all came back ok, I am perfectly healthy and the headaches and dizziness must be caused by stress.


It was around seven pm; I was watching television with my mother when I started feeling very tired and dizzy. I told my mom that I was not feeling well and I am going upstairs to lie down. I was wobbling like a drunk, so my mother followed me to my bedroom. As I laid down my mom asked me, what I was feeling. I started mumbling, and at that, she decided to take me to the doctor.

First, we went to the medical center. The doctor on duty checked me and could not find anything wrong. He said that; it is probably just a flu and that I should go home and sleep it off. My mother did not buy this and took me immediately to the emergency room.

The doctors in the ER just could not figure out what was happening to me. They ran all kinds of tests still nothing showing. An arrogant female doctor said; it is a model so probably overdose (I have never done drugs) even though this did not show on the test either. In the end, their conclusion was that it must be neural and sent me to the neurologic ward. Hours of waiting still no answer.  Just like Cinderella at twelve, I felt all power slowly drifting out my body. I mumbled to my mother; “I feel like I have no energy at all.” Those would be the last words that I would ever speak. 

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