To the contrary, of what many in our society think, that disabled people cannot do anything by or for himself or herself. They comprehend that a person should just sit in a corner and wait until others have time to do something with them and then go back to their corner. Well as a person that cannot move, the more is that I want to do something, improve my quality of life, help others and make a difference.


As a person that cannot speak, the more critical it is to me to communicate. The more the need I have to stand up for myself and others like me to explain to the world what it means not to be able speak, to have your own voice.

The Finnish constitution is in my belief, one of the best one in the world. Not only does it promote the freedom of speech but also it protects the minority against discrimination and unfair treatment (Section 6 – Equality). Sadly, to say though is that we tend to forget this constitution right in our daily social behavior.

Too many people in our society have a passive-aggressive, commanding attitude towards the less abled. This approach is heightened when this person cannot speak for himself or herself. Making that a person that cannot communicate is considered the useless person in the society even though they may be the ones that have the most to give.

For this reason, I advocate for all that have no voice; it is their right. Not only for them to have a voice but to have their own voice, one that they can identify with.

From the other side, having a voice should not be the end of it. Once that we are able to speak we should also do so. We should not take what we have for granted; we should use it to communicate. Not forgetting that communication is a two-way street: it is speaking, but also listening.

I have been fighting this battle for a couple of years now, and no matter how far I have gotten I do not get the chance to speak out. The main reason of this is that event organizers believe that a disabled person makes the audience feel uncomfortable and awkward. They would rather bombard the public with meaningless entertainment instead sparking them with a meaningful education.

It seems that the odds are against me, but I do not mind for it gives me a chance to prove every day that ‘SISU’ is very much alive as I keep fighting for the rights of the few.

I urge all that have no voice to stand up and demand your right to speak and SPEAK UP!

The Issue is not just the lack of communication. In fact, that is only fifty percent of the problem. The other fifty percent lies in the fact that we fail miserably when it comes to the point of taking action.

I lost count of how many times I have been to meetings, seminars, and symposiums. Seeing people sharing ideas, discussing plans and opening eyes to new possibilities always gives hope. One comes out of such affairs with a feeling that things can get better and we can move forward. However, a week later again I must suffer from a major heartbreak. It seems that when the event ends everyone packs all ideas up in their bag and take it back home to their comfort zone to wait for the perfect time and nothing happens. Disappointment once again.

I do not know what it is that withhold us of making changes for the better. Is it the fear of failure? The insecurity that criticism awakens? The shame of not being perfect? The embarrassment of being different? Insecurity? Maybe it is merely the lack of conviction or the security of the comfort zone. (Who knows maybe we just like to keep talking about the problem and not do anything about it).

Whatever it may, be, the fact is that no matter how much and how well we communicate, ideas are worthless unless we act on them.

Communicating and sharing ideas is nice, and that is all, NICE! If we want to reach greatness and make that change, we also have to act upon the beliefs. That is how we make things better. That is how we create GREATNESS!

As every athlete knows, a great play is not only made in the preparation of it or at the moment of the strike.  The follow through is what releases the full power. The follow-through is something we should get better at.

So, COMMUNI-ACTION! Not just communicating without acting, and no action before communicating first.

Be bold with your ideas, be brave when expressing them and be daring when it comes to doing the deed.

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